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The New Money System

Years of research to develop the best business strategy combined with in-dept inside knowledge gleaned from leading global experts resulted in our unprecedented documentary The Collapse, which presents the evidence for a new money system through dialectic.

BMCP Token - Solution for the Meltdown

BMCP Token STO is the start of 4 Public Offerings totaling 29 billion USD. There will be further expansion with our own Banking Division.

A hybrid fund, with unprecedented insights and stability against the risk of the second financial collapse, it is designed to intercept the biggest transfer of wealth ever.

Rebuilding the Raindrops

One of world's biggest polluters is the textile industry.

BMCP offers a complete solution to dramatically reduce this and even end textile industry pollution completely.

At Reclame Madrid 2009, we presented the VMF protocol-based business case. The success was overwhelming, with more than 400 million USD contract applications in 3 days.

BMCP Private Sales - World Tour

BMCP is executing a World Tour of 3 Years. In 2020 we will focus on VVIP Accredit Investors, for Private Sales of BMCP Token with an expected 65,000 ROI. Check it out and Book your Ticket Today.

29 Billion USD STO & 3 POs

Clean Water Apparel will use the BMCP coin blockchain thanks to its ultra-fast speed and state of the art ifrastructure and secure blockchain coding.

We plan to raise a total of 29 Billion USD through one STO and three Public Offerings. The Public Offerings are based on the milestone of 7 Billion USD long-term contracts.

Our Own Banking Licence

BMCP will obtain its own banking licence, and apply fractional banking to increase its financial power dramatically, and become a major player in the financial world.

One of BMCP's own banks is planned for the City of London.

BMCP Token is a hybrid Fund

# Designed to benefit from the planned financial collapse.

# Ultra-fast, and reliable for efficient payment solutions.

# Can be used to purchase BMCP non-voting shares, which are guaranteed at 90 USD.

# One billion BMCP non-voting shares have been vested to be offered in 4 stages from 2024 onwards.



The release of BMCP Token, via Smart Contract, will take place over 350 days at 2 million coins per day, sold on our BMCP Exchange.

Use of BMCP Token

To learn more about the many ways to use BMCP Token, visit the page "Use of BMCP Token"

The BMCP Token round 3 and 4 will be realized through a Smart Contract over 350 Days with 2 million BMCP Tokens available per day, sold on our BMCP Exchange.

We expect a total of minimum 3,000,000 investors.

Fantastic Bonus during Private Sales

A maximum of 132.5 million (13.25%) BMCP Tokens will be issued during Private Sales round 01 and 02, & Public Sales Round 03. The bonus declines from 233% to 33.3%.

For Private Sales we have an expected ROI for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.(see Whitepaper & Executive Summary).

Expected ROI Private Sales; 01 &02

Private Sales are limited to 180 million (18%) BMCP Tokens (including bonus BMCP Tokens).

The BMCP non-voting shares are guaranteed to raise to 90.00 USD, to this end 4.5 billion shares have been vested in the AVDH VMF Guarantee Foundation. (see white paper for more information).

BMCP Hybrid Fund

BMCP Fund is a hybrid fund and will function in normal conditions as well as being extremely profitable during times of financial collapse.

Elevator Pitch

Executive Summary

White Paper

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BMCP Token - Intercepting the Biggest Transfer of Wealth Ever

BMCP Fund, Hybrid Fund, build to Intercept the Biggest Transfer of Wealth ever.

Tier-01 - 10-18% Commission

Tier-02 - 1 - 3% Commission

Affiliate Program - Summery

Airdrop & Bounty Program

Check out our fantastic Affiliate Program and three-tier commission and make up to 1,000,000 USD per year.