Private Sales - Max 200 Million BMCP Coins
Private Sales of BMCP Coin is done by issueing maximum 200 Million BMCP Coins including Bonus (12%).
Information about this can be found in the on Page 58 - 69 in the BMCP Pre-ICO Whitepaper.

Buy Your BMCP Coins - Options

Pre-ICO - Mar 2019

100% - 50% Bonus

BMCP Coin - Pre-ICO Bonus Structure

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Buy Your BMCP Coins Voucher

Pre-ICO - Development BMCP Coin
During the period of the Pre-ICO the BMCP Coin is being developed, and planned to be fully operational by latest March 2019.
BMCP Coin - Pre-ICO Vouchers
The BMCP coin, is under development and will be issued latest March 2019, Pre-ICO coin sales will be done through issue of Pre-ICO Event Tickets with voucher for airdrop of discriped BMCP Coins. These vouchers are redeemable by latest March 2019.
BMCP Coin - Dashboard - (March 2019)
Holders of the Pre-ICO Tickets will receive an email with detailed instructions to redeem their voucher into BMCP Coins March 2019. Simultaneously full access to the BMCP Dashboard is given.
BMCP Coin Last stage Development
At present we are in the last stage of development of the BMCP Coin, this will include fantastic dashboard with referal program and also tutorials and knowledgebase.
BMCP Coin Helpdesk 24/365
Our BMCP Dashboard (BMCP Coin) wil have a 5 star life chat support available 24/365. to help with redeeming your Voucher into coins, and any other questions you may have.
BMCP Coin - Payment Webshop - (July 2019)
The BMCP Coin can be used from end July 2019 to pay in BMCP Webshop, and receive an additional 50% discount. During the time that the BMCP Coin is not listed on the BMCP Exchange, the exchange value will be as per spot rate on the exchange with a minimum of USD 1.80 per BMCP Coin.
BMCP Exchange - (October 2019)
Based on a full subsubribed ICO the expected number of BMCP Coin investors is estimate at 6,000,000 Investors. BMCP Coin therefore will be listed on BMCP own Exchange, which is under development at present. The BMCP State of the art Exchange is planned to go life end October 2019. The BMCP Exchange will have latest technology features. BMCP Coin will be tradeable against BTC, ETH, LTC and USD. Additional one additional listing will be made on another cryptocurrency exchange.
600 Crypto Currencies
BMCP Exchange will offer by end 2019, trading in 600 different Crypto Currencies
50 Languages
BMCP Exchange will be available with the feature to choose out of 50 different languages.
Exchange Helpdesk 24/365
Our BMCP Exchange wil have a 5 star life chat support available 24/365.