BMCP Coin Use # 01
Purchase BMCP Non-Voting Shares for BMCP 1 Coin

1 Billion Shares are vested for sales against one BMCP Coin Each.

Additional billion BMCP Non-Voting Shares are vested as a guarantee that BMCP Non-Voting Shares will rise to USD 90.00 by latest 31st Dec 2038.

This is fully discripbed in BMCP Pre-ICO Whitepaper.


Market Capitalisation & Development
Shares & Coin Value

In the Chart below you can see the development of the BMCP Coin ( Black )

, and the planned 3 Public Offerings and Par Value of the shares. Outstanding High ROI for Pre-IPO Coin Investors is visable who can trade 2 months after start of the planned ICO in August 2019.

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