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Pre-ICO Coins - Voucher

Development Coins

During the Months Nov 2018 to March 2019 the BMCP Coin will be developed based on the Etherieum structure as mentioned in our Whitepaper

Pre-ICO Coins - Based Voucher

The Pre-ICO sales of the BMCP Coins will be done through Tickets of Pre-ICO Events with an voucher included. This voucher can be redeemed into Coins before the start of the ICO in April 2019


Hier zetten we een Paralax van de Pre-ICO Tickets, als die klaar zijn, hetzelfde als de Subscribe page op voor affiliates

Verder zetten we er een apparte "Buy Button op"

En we kopieren de tekst van Pre-ICo Voucher, met nadruk op eigen Exchange

Pre-ICO Events

Pre-ICO Events

By selecting one of the Buttons below you will be redirected to our site where the Pre-ICO Events Tickets are sold.


Each Ticket is Guaranteed to be redeemable into BMCP Coins, as mentioned on the 100xroi site.